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What exactly is naltrexone?

This drug is categorized as an opioid receptor antagonist. Its main use is to manage patient’s alcohol dependence, as well as addiction to opioid.

Your doctor may have prescribed this drug to help detoxify your body from heroine and other opioids you have been taking. This will assist you in staying off those illegal drugs completely.

This is also used if you want to stop drinking alcohol. Your doctor may recommend it if you are having problem with alcohol dependence and you want to stop it to have a better health.

How can Naltrexone help with drug and opioid dependence?

In a way, Naltrexone trims down your cravings for alcohol. The cravings usually happen when you become alcoholic and you suddenly need to quit. Although scientists are still finding the right explanation as to how this drug reduces alcohol cravings, they believe that this drug affects the brain’s neural pathways, specifically the area where the dopamine is found.

In the case of opioid addiction, this drug blocks heroin, cocaine and other opioids effects in the brain. Because it is an antagonist of opioid receptor, it prevents certain part of your brain to produce the feeling of pleasure or nirvana when you take these illegal drugs.

Is this drug ideal for your case?

Naltroxene is just one of the treatments your doctor may prescribe. Other methods may include detoxification, counseling and methadone maintenance.

To obtain best results from this drug, you must take part in a treatment program that involves physical and psychological aspects of dependency in drugs and alcohols. This means that you may take this drug while attending counseling with a psychiatrist.

How should you take this drug?

This drug is available at Modalerts. You can buy it from us without prescription. This drug is in pill form and it is taken once a day, depending on your doctor’s recommendation.

Most of the time, it is taken for 12 weeks to help you stop the cravings for alcohol and opioids. This will assist you in controlling your appetite for those substances while you are abstaining from them.

Sometimes, doctors may prescribe this drug to be taken for 12 months by patients who have been drug dependent for many years.

Does it cause unwanted reactions?

Taking this drug may cause the following unwanted reactions to occur:

  • Anxiety

  • Joint pain

  • Nervousness

  • Upset stomach

  • Diarrhea

These effects are usually temporary. This means that they will go away in a few days. If they become severe and do not go away, you must consider talking to your doctor.

You must avoid taking this drug at large dose as it can cause kidney and liver failure.

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