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Before you buy Modvigil online you should first learn a little about it. Modvigil is a Modafinil drug. It is produced by Hab Pharma which are  WHO and GMP certified company. is a leading supplier of Modvigil 200 mg. We are able to offer the best prices online due to the fact that we do not deal with middle men. We stock directly from Hab Pharma which means that we can pass on those savings to our customers. Buy Modvigil online today from

Modvigil – The Affordable Modafinil Generic

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, shift-work disorder, narcolepsy or ADHD you may have heard about Modafinil as an excellent prescription drug. This medication promotes wakefulness and enhanced cognition.

Many users are especially happy to know that compared to other prescriptions for the aforementioned medical conditions Modafinil has a very low tolerance level. It is extremely hard to become addicted to the medicine. More importantly, users do not find that they have to take higher doses as their bodies adjust to the medication.

The only problem with this seemingly miraculous drug is that it is very costly. Even if you have a prescription drug plan, you may find that the co-pays are very high.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to the name brand drug. Many times, doctors will prescribe the most well known type of Modafinil which is Provigil. This brand costs the most, but generic brands which cost less do not always do less.

In fact, one of the latest generics is Modvigil. This drug in 200 mg pills does just as much as the name brands at literally a fraction of the cost.

Most people who will be prescribed this form of medicine will need to take it for a long period. For instance, until a person gets treated for sleep apnea or ADHD using medical equipment or behavior modification, they have to take the Modafinil. For this reason, it is important to find out which generic medications offer the most effectiveness at the lowest price.

A common generic is Modalert. This is less costly than Provigil but it is still not the cheapest version available. However, Modvigil  is. It is absolutely the lowest cost generic form of Modafinil from HAB Pharma.

Buy Modvigil Online

Once you get your prescription from a doctor, you can conveniently have it filled from a reputable online pharmacy such as ours. Modvigil can be purchased from other online pharmacies but some online pharmacies are not seeling original products as they dont have the correct lisence to buy from the manufacturers which means they buy from middle men increasing prices and the risk of fakes on the market. Be sure to get it filled from genuine pharmacies online to be sure you are getting the correct formulation of Modvigil.

Most patients will take the medication in 100 mg doses. However, you take 200 mg per day and get the most effects from it by splitting the dose into one half in the morning and one half in the afternoon. Every person has a different metabolism, so experiment until you find the best dose for you.

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