Cernos Gel 1% (Testosterone Gel)

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Cernos gel

The generic name of the cernos gel is testosterone and it is widely used by adult males who have no or very low percentage of testosterone and each sachet contains 5 mg of medicine. Cernos gel is strictly applied only to the upper arms area of the shoulders and never applied it on any other parts of your body. The cernos gel is gaining popularity day by day with its increasing number of consumers. You can easily buy Cernos gel online today from trusted websites like without any hesitation.

What it is and what are the uses?

Cernos gel is a medicine which contains testosterone and thus it is only used by the adult men who have very less amount of testosterone. Remember not to apply it on your testes, scrotum or penis as it contains a high percentage of alcohol which may cause local irritation. Testosterone is a sex hormone usually produce by a male body for the growth and proper functioning of their sex organ and also for the development of secondary male characteristics. A low percentage testosterone male finds the symptoms of having extreme tiredness, low energy and decreased sex sexual desire and ability. Thus, cernos gel works by supplying the shortage amount of testosterone in a male body.

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When there is some problem arises in pituitary or testis, the production of testosterone from our body decreases and such condition is called as hypogonadism. In a male body, the testosterone hormone is produced by the testicles and it is a very important factor for the normal growth and proper functioning of a male sex organ and is also very necessary for the development of bones and muscles of our body. Thus, cernos gel helps to replace the percentage of our body’s natural sex hormone testosterone when our body failed to produce the required amount.

How to take the medicine properly?

The starting dose is generally 5 g sachet of gel per day but still it is very important to consult with your doctor before applying it. Apply a thin layer of the cernos gel upon the clean and dry skin of your upper arm and the area of your shoulder and let it get dry for around 3 to 5 minutes. Cover the application area with the cloth after the gel-gas dried and wash your hands gently with soap and water. You must not take the shower after applying the gel at least for 6 hours.


These capsules are strictly made only for adult male persons.

Keep it away from the children and female persons.

Tell your doctor if you are recently having other sex hormones before using it.

Before applying it better if you undergo prostate examination by consulting with your physician.

Always keep the gel in a cool and dry place.

Never use more than 10 g of gel per day as it may cause some serious damage.

Do wash your hands with soap and water after applying it.

Side effects

Like any other medicine, it too has many side effects if not being taken carefully and in a prescribed manner. Some common side effects are acne, skin irritation, sleeplessness, unusual tiredness, muscle pain, headache, and anxiety etc. So if you feel anyone of the above discomfort in your body than rush to your doctor immediately. So buy cernos gel online today from our trusted website and start getting benefits from it.


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